TNE Reform – The Case for TransNasal Endoscopy

/TNE Reform – The Case for TransNasal Endoscopy
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The Tragic Story of Joan River’s Death and the Case for Unsedated Transnasal Endoscopy

In August of 2014, actress and TV host Joan Rivers underwent a sedated endoscopy at Manhattan’s Yorkville Endoscopy Center. According to reports, Rivers stopped breathing during the procedure after medical personnel failed to realize she was losing oxygen until it was too late. A lawsuit filed by her daughter, Melissa Rivers, states that the doctors mishandled the endoscopy and performed another medical procedure called a laryngoscopy on her mother’s vocal cords without consent. One week later, Rivers died at the age of 81. Sedated GI endoscopy (EGD) should have never been the procedure of choice.

There is an alternative procedure called TNE (TransNasal Endoscopy). TNE is performed in the office while the patient is still completely awake by passing the endoscope through the nose rather than the mouth. TNE does not involve any anesthesia, and so, the dangers, such as those that killed the late Joan Rivers, are not present. Even more, pain tolerance and safety seem to be the greatest advantage of the TNE procedure, as well as requiring less patient monitoring, nursing time, and overall expenses. Patients don’t have to move around their schedules in order to make space for the recovery time because there is none.

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