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Yorkville Endoscopy’s doctors’ medical malpractice.

According to a report from Page Six, the said medical facility faces more allegations of how they played a role in the untimely death of the former “Fashion Police” host.

In a new Joan Rivers news report, the personnel of the said Upper East Side clinic supposedly did not stop the TV host’s scoping procedure even after her pulse and blood pressure dropped.

The personnel, namely the clinic’s ex-medical director Dr. Lawrence Cohen, and celebrity ENT Gewn Korovin, also delayed performing CPR and calling 911.

Page Six said an insider claimed that the late comedienne “had no heartbeat, no pulse, she wasn’t breathing” upon the arrival of medics at Yorkville Endoscopy.

The medical specialists also took time before calling 911, and the source said the 10-minute delay likely caused Joan Rivers’ eventual death. The source narrated: “She had cyanosis around the lips and the mouth – that’s when your lips turn blue from lack of oxygen. That takes several minutes without oxygen.”

Another factor that added to Joan Rivers’ eventual death was the personnel’s failure to perform CPR when she had a cardiac arrest. The insider pointed out: “They should have stopped the procedure and started resuscitation right away and done an emergency tracheotomy if there was any obstruction.”

Referring to the neglect of Yorkville Endoscopy personnel, the insider said: “Maybe (Joan Rivers) would still be alive.”

In related Joan Rivers news from Page Six, the late comedienne’s only daughter Melissa Rivers recently hosted a Thanksgiving dinner at the former “Fashion Police” host’s luxurious Upper East Side property.

Guests from the TV icon’s previous Thanksgiving parties included her grandson Cooper, niece Caroline Waxler, Lynne Koplitz of “Joan Knows Best”, and Nancy Jo Sales of Vanity Fair.

While still mourning Joan Rivers’ death, the insider added that Melissa Rivers “wanted the occasion to be a happy one, to remember her mother and everything she did for other people.”

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