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Bloomberg: Senate Report Says FDA Fails to Ensure Medical Devices Are Safe

From Bloomberg: The report, from Senator Patty Murray, a Washington Democrat, blames device manufacturers, hospitals, and the Food and Drug Administration for infections that sickened at least 250 people worldwide since 2012 and that may have contributed to dozens of deaths. The series of outbreaks went on for years before safety problems with the endoscopes came to [...]

Daily News: Sedated endoscopic procedures, like Joan Rivers’, waste $15B

From the New York Daily News: The medical community, medical device makers and government agencies are allowing patients to blow billions a year by allowing unnecessary endoscopic procedures. Members of the medical community, certain medical device manufacturers and government regulatory agencies are allowing patients to spend an extra $15 billion dollars a year by allowing [...]

NY Times: Study Finds Growing Reason to Be Wary of Some Reflux Drugs

From The New York Times: Maybe you have seen television ads starring the beefy, affable comedian and actor known as Larry the Cable Guy. In his sleeveless shirt and gimme cap, he’s driving a monster truck or streaking along on a jet ski, pausing to chomp on a turkey drumstick or a barbecued rib, all [...]

Morning Consult: David Schwartz on Skyrocketing Health Costs, Obamacare, and the Special Interests

The higher cost of living longer is one important variable that cannot be attributed to the expensive Obamacare jig saw puzzle. But what about the role of the health care industry itself?

VIDEO: Dr. Jonathan Aviv Performs a TNE and The Importance of Safe Endoscopy

Citizens for Safe Endoscopy's David Schwartz talks with Dr. Jonathan Aviv about safer methods of endoscopy and has a TNE performed on camera.

Radio: David Schwartz on TNE and the Tragic Death of Joan Rivers

Citizens for Safe Endoscopy spokesman, David Schwartz on The Ed Tyll Show about transnasal esophogoscopy and the tragic death of Joan Rivers.

Improper disinfection procedures may have exposed 293 Baystate Noble patients to hepatitis, HIV

From Mass Live: WESTFIELD — Baystate Noble Hospital has notified colonoscopy patients that the scopes used in their procedures may not have been properly disinfected. Springfield-based Baystate Health said Friday that because of a lapse in disinfection procedures, 293 patients who had colonoscopies at Noble between June 2012 and April 2013 are at risk of having been exposed to blood-borne [...]

RADIO: David Schwartz on America Tonight Radio – Safer Endoscopy

Citizens for Safe Endoscopy's David Schwartz joins host Kate Delaney to talk about the hidden secret about the dangers of endoscopy and easily available solution the medical industry doesn't want you to know about.

Skyrocketing Health Costs, Obamacare, and the Medical Cartel

How the dominant use of expensive sedated endoscopies sheds light on how special interests in the healthcare industry pass unnecessary costs on to patients.

Dr. Jonathan Aviv discusses upper endoscopy, TNE, and the risk of endoscopic cross contamination on WFAN

Voice and Swallowing Center Clinical Director Dr. Jonathan Aviv discusses upper endoscopy, transnasal esophagoscopy, and the risk of endoscopic cross contamination with WFAN's Bob Salter.